Two-handed Falx


The video is to serve for presentation purposes only

The price of a Two-handed Falx is 750 euros + shipping.

A similar Falx can be made in 2-3 months.

If interested, please send an email or a message on Facebook to set the details.


*** About the Falx shown in the video:
Materials used:

Carbon Steel – 1055

Handle – Ash wood + metal

Scabbard – not available

About the blade:

The blade has a full convex profile.

The edge is sharped for Armour penetration.

Hardness – 55 HRC


Total length – 95 cm / 37 in

Blade length – 62 cm / 24 in

Handle length – 23 cm / 9 in

Max width. – 4.5 cm / 1.7 in

Max thickness. – 6 mm / 0.25 in

Sword weight – 1.6 kg / 56 oz

Point of balance – 4 cm in front of the guard



The blade is made of carbon steel. That means that, if not cared for properly, it will rust. Care consists in applying a layer of mineral oil and keep away from wet environments.

The blade should be thoroughly washed, wiped and greased before put into storage.



Lifetime warranty.

As long as I can work, I will take care of all the knives that I’ve created. If anything happens to them, please contact me and we will see what can be done to fix them.

I plan on working until I’m very old 🙂


Payment methods

Cash upon delivery.

Bank account transfer for orders that require a 50% advance payment.

Western Union for orders from outside of Europe.

Since most blades are custom-made, we will choose together the most convenient payment method.



Transport costs are included price of the Falx itself for orders from within the territory of Romania.

Outside of Romania, the price of the transport is added to the price of the Falx and we will choose together the delivery method best suited (usually I work with the National  Postal Services for deliveries within Europe and DHL for deliveries outside of Europe).


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Two-handed Falx
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by Alex on Two-handed Falx

Just received from Cristian a custom-made falx and sica. Falx is beautifully crafted, not only by its metal-work, but also by its adherence to available historical data about how such pieces may have looked back in their time. I was surprised about the amount of research behind the technical decisions about the length, curvature and weight of the weapon to be crafted (and the way Cristian knows how to explain it!). Great feel of the falx while handled, good balance, very neat woodwork (on the handle) and also the leather-work of the sheath. Quite a spectacular piece, I am very happy about it! Same applies to sica (a smaller piece, which is in fact a curved knife with edge on the inside). Very well done, Cristian!