“Chef Gheorghe” 10-inch knife


The video is to serve for presentation purposes only.

The price of a “Chef Gheorghe” 10-inch knife is 380 euros + shipping.

A similar knife is available in 2-3 months.
You can choose the type of material for the handle and the sheath. You can also customize the engraving on the blade.

If interested, please send an email or a message on Facebook to set the details.


***Details for the knife shown in the video:

Materials used:

Stainless steel – N690

Handle – Corian

Sheath – Walnut wood

About the blade:

The blade has a full flat profile.

The blade is sharpened at an angle of 17 – 18 degrees, making it ideal for European cuisine.

Hardness – 60 HRC

Finish type – Blasted


Total length – 40 cm.

Blade length – 26 cm.

Handle length – 14 cm.

Maximum width – 6 cm.

Maximum thickness – 3 mm.

Weight – 300 gr.

Balance point – on the pinch


Maintenance for kitchen knives

SHOULD NOT BE WASHED IN THE DISHWASHER (the detergent is aggressive and affects the fine edge).

The knives are to be sharpened after each use on a specialized sharpening steel or razor strop.

Should not be used on ceramic surfaces: plates, glass, marble, granite etc.

The knifes are not made to break bones, open jars or be used as a screwdriver. In short, the knife should only be used to cut food on a wooden chopping board or in association with synthetic materials designed specifically for the kitchen.



Lifetime warranty.

As long as I can work, I will take care of all the knives that I’ve created. If anything happens to them, please contact me and we will see what can be done to fix them.

I plan on working until I’m very old 🙂


Payment methods

Cash upon delivery.

Bank account transfer for orders that require a 50% advance payment.

Western Union for orders from outside of Europe.

Since most blades are custom-made, we will choose together the most convenient payment method.



Transport costs are included price of the knife itself for orders from within the territory of Romania.

Outside of Romania, the price of the transport is added to the price of the knife and we will choose together the delivery method best suited (usually I work with the National  Postal Services for deliveries within Europe and DHL for deliveries outside of Europe).

All knives will be shipped in a wooden box with internal protection so as not to be deteriorated during transport.



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“Chef Gheorghe” 10-inch knife
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